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Warming Families, a project of the One Heart Foundation(One Heart Foundation) and is a 100% volunteer project that delivers blankets and other warm items to the homeless and displaced while strengthening families through charity work. At the heart of this project are many Area Volunteers, who function to coordinate efforts to supply local Domestic Violence Shelters, Homeless Shelters and Nursing Homes. 

Warming Families receives no financial funding and does NOT keep donated items. All time and material that goes into the project is donated.

We have Area Volunteers in the United States and Canada. Please check our Area Volunteer page.  


You can help: 

Warming Families distributes blankets, warm clothing, and other items of comfort to the homeless and displaced. Warming Families accepts and distributes only NEW items, purchased or hand made. Individuals, families, and groups can participate by making or purchasing items and donating them to local shelter or through local Chapter Area Volunteers.

  Area Volunteers (AV's) function to locate shelters in their local areas and facilitate distribution. AV's also participate together as  group in an online community. Area Volunteers are NOT authorized to solicit or collect funds.

                    Check our page to see how you can become an Area Volunteer.  

              We ask that you 'DON'T" ask our Area Volunteers for yarn. 


**Special Note:

We are NOT affiliated with any denomination, but we are a Christian Based Group, with many beliefs and our volunteers have come together to make each community a better place to live.  

Also Note:  Signing up on the forum DOES NOT qualify you as a Chapter Area Volunteer.   For Requirements for becoming a Chapter Area Volunteer click here   


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