Warming Families

Requirements for being AV

There is no charge to become a Chapter Area Volunteer with Warming Families.  Just a few simple requirements. 


Here are a few specifics you will need to know about becoming an Chapter-Area Volunteer (CAV).

Please read CAREFULLY

    * You must be at least 18 years old.
    * You are expected to take all items (blankets, hats, mittens, scarves, bears etc.) that are delivered or sent to you--or that you make using donated yarn, to a homeless shelter; domestic violence shelter; or nursing home of your choice in your area, on an ongoing basis.

    * You are expected to locate a local shelter to which you can deliver warm items before we can fully accept your application or add you to our AV pages.

You must call or visit specific shelters in person to assess their needs. This is extremely important, as many shelters do not wish to receive more donations of anything, as someone else in the community might be already meeting their needs. Personally contacting your shelter also allows them to indicate their most needed items and sizes. It is vital that shelters understand donated items must NOT be sold. They are to be given free of charge to needy individuals served by the shelter, or used at the shelters.
By signing up to become an Area Volunteer, you agree to the following:

    * Report Monthly. You are expected to report the number of warm items donated to the Warming Families Project Leader each time you receive and deliver items to your shelter. Warming Families tracks the number of items donated and delivered. Area Volunteers are expected to report in monthly, even if no items have been made, received, or delivered.

    * Stay Informed. As an CAV, you will automatically be signed up for a mailing group (in yahoogroups format) for CAVs only, to share ideas and resources. You are expected to remain on this mailing list as long as you are an AV. You are expected to check list messages at least weekly, for this is how all important project information will be shared. The list group may generate up to 30 messages a day as Chapter Area Volunteers interact to support one another. Warming Families also maintains a database of FAQ's and many other helpful information on the Yahoo site!

* Serve Client Needs. You are expected to check your email several times per week to answer any inquiries about where to send donations. People who read our web page will find you there, and will need that info from you. You will need to either supply your mailing address to these donors or agree to a pick up at a mutually convenient location.

    * Tag Donations. You will need to tag each item donated with the Warming Families tag before delivering them to the shelter. These printable tags are located on our website.

    * Thank Donors. You are expected to thank each donor with an email or written thank you letter.


   1. There are no funds available to CAVs for office supplies, postage, or crafting materials.
   2. ALL donated items must be passed on to shelters.
   3. AVs are not authorized to write receipts for tax purposes.
   4. Receipt request for large donations must be verified and handled through the One Heart Foundation.
   5. Those wishing to make a cash donation, may do so through One Heart's Online Donation page.

Area Volunteers are NOT authorized or permitted to solicit or collect funds.
If you are interested in becoming an Area Volunteer, please send your request to Kaye Rogers; Please include your name, address, and e-mail along with the shelter you will be serving. Your inquiry will be received by our Project Leader and you will be contacted.

**Please note: by going to the forum and signing up this way, DOES NOT qualify you as an Area Volunteer.  

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Project Leader, in charge of Warming Families: Kaye Rogers